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Computer Control

With the development of the software, COMACO put great emphasis on the cost-effective operation of the plant as well as easy handling of the control system.

The information was reduced to the bare essentials so that the operator is not burdened with unnecessary data. All entries are validated for correctness and only then accepted for the production. As a result, input errors are excluded.

Exceeded or deceeded limit values are indicated by plain text messages.

Recipe-related parameterization results in simple operation and a better mix. By selection of a recipe, the new process data are automatically taken over. By recipe-related parameterization, all for the mixing process needed aggregates are metered with optimal precision. All production data are continuously recorded and stored in a data base on the hard drive of the PC. These data can be processed any time with commercially available programs. Thus it is possible for the plant operator to calculate the exact operating cost of the asphalt plant and to conduct an individual analysis. Of course, the data can be printed out at any time.

  • Fully automatic computer control system for asphalt plants
  • Modern process visualization
  • Based on Microsoft-Windows XP Professional® (Windows 7 to come soon)
  • Easy practice oriented operation
  • “Learning system” with self-correcting processes
  • Data base (storage) with variable export possibilities
  • Standardized assemblies such as PC, monitor, key board, mouse
  • Software based SPS as interface to the asphalt plant